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Game Development: engines, libraries and frameworks

I’m willing to write about game development for some time already, and this day has finally arrived! In a series of don’t-known-how-many posts I will introduce some basic concepts of game development and game engines, written in a concise manner. Game engine? I’ve heard of It’s like the “engine” of a vehicle. This is the “core” of a game, with anything necessary for a game to run, like rendering, sound, user input, animations, physics… Read more...

This isn't even my final form!

site theme thoughts
OK, now I have nginx and certbot running, Hugo static content generation from markdown files, with a simple theme, everything running on my own domain using containers and… now what?? Time to start writting! To begin with, just want to list all the things I expect to do on this site, as I want a clean (and js free) visual, be able to easily access its content and add some cool features. Read more...

Hello, World!

Hi, I’m Rodrigo (MDK/mdkcore), and this is the mandatory first post on my new (and hopefully maintained) blog! This means I want to contribute to the reader with valuated info about open source, linux, programming, game development, privacy, electronics, diy, tips and personal/funny/miscellaneous stuff that happens on my life. Welcome to this crazy adventure :) End of Line.
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